Winery inspires frosty “Peach Eclipse” cocktail

A lot of folks in Callaway County are planning solar eclipse parties at their homes. It makes perfect sense, as the ribbon of totality cuts a wide swath right through our area. For those who want to get out and enjoy an organized event, Serenity Valley Winery has several “Sip with the Eclipse” events in conjunction with other Light and Shadow Eclipse activities throughout Fulton and Callaway County. 

At a recent planning meeting, I had the opportunity to sample a few wines from Serenity Valley. It was a hot afternoon, but we were perfectly comfortable in the air conditioned tasting room. As we chatted, I told winery owner Regina Ruppert about a frozen peach champagne cocktail I wanted to make for a gathering. 

Lee Rupert (winemaker and Regina’s husband) pulled out a bottle of Serenade, his peach chardonnay with a hint of apricot, and suggested it might be a great addition to my recipe. One sip, and I knew he was onto something. I went home, started playing around with ingredients and came up with this fabulous frozen concoction. I’ve decided to call it Peach Eclipse, as it would be the perfect adult slushy for an eclipse watch party.



  • 5-7 fresh ripe Missouri peaches. Peel the peaches. Slice them in half, discard pits. Place peach halves in the freezer overnight.
  • 1 chilled bottle Serenade by Serenity Valley Winery
  • ⅛ cup Triple Sec
  • ¼ cup Peach Schnapps
  • crushed ice
  • squeeze of fresh lime or lemon


Fill a large blender with frozen peaches and bottle of Serenade Peach/Apricot Chardonnay

Add Triple Sec and Peach Schnapps

Top off with crushed ice and a small squeeze of lime or lemon

Blend until ice and frozen peaches are small crystals

Taste and adjust Triple Sec and Peach Schnapps to preference

If peaches weren’t sweet enough, blend in a little sugar, honey or agave syrup

Pour and enjoy. Stores well in the freezer. Just let the blender warm a bit and blend again.

TIP: Missouri Wine has a fantastic recipe collection at 

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