Getaway the CallaWAY at Brooklyn Pizza

The ultimate question — You are stuck on a desert island and can only have one food for the rest of your life. What would you choose? With an endless variety of styles, crusts and toppings and potentially covering all four food groups (again, similar to Lulu’s Frozen Yogurt — practically healthy) the obvious choice is pizza!

While the invention of this infamously versatile flatbread is credited to the Greeks, pizza made its debut in New York City in the early 1900’s in the area known as “Little Italy.”

Fortunately for anyone living or visiting Callaway County, Bob and Karen Atkins opened award-winning Brooklyn Pizza in the heart of Fulton’s Historic Brick District and serve made-from-scratch, authentic Brooklyn-style pizza, calzones Tuesday thru Sunday. 

With red-checked tablecloths and stained glass windows, The Brooklyn pizza ambiance is a perfect setting for lunch or dinner during a romantic weekend getaway. Or enjoy with the whole family after a bike ride on the Stinson Creek Trail in Veteran’s or Memorial Park. Getaway the CallaWAY! Brooklyn pizza offers carry-out, delivery and catering.


1 thought on “Getaway the CallaWAY at Brooklyn Pizza

  1. Have been dining there since they opened the door. Retired in Fulton from New Jersey and was unable to find the great NJ taste until Bob and Karen showed up.
    Menu variety, fresh ingredients and Bob’s hand in the crust make the experience worthwhile. They are not bashful so expect one or both to tour around, stop at your table with all sorts of are you a Fulton native, Where are you from orginally, how are the kids, etc…
    Servers are courteous and friendly. If this is a return they probably remember your drink and pizza toppings.

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