History buffs – there is so much to see and learn in Fulton and Callaway County! From pre-Civil War to post-Cold War, the area is steeped in a rich historical heritage.

Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society: The Historical Society is located in Fulton’s Brick District at 513 Court Street. The museum includes a genealogy library and rotating exhibits. Free admission. Open 10 am – 4 pm, Tuesday – Friday. Closed Christmas through the month of January. 573-642-0570 email: museum@kchsoc.org

Westminster College

Churchill Truman Day: On March 5, 1946, Winston Churchill delivered his “Sinews of Peace” speech, later dubbed the “Iron Curtain Speech” in the gymnasium of Westminster College. President Harry S. Truman escorted and introduced the former Prime Minister of England to Fulton.

National Churchill Museum: Located on the campus of Westminster College, the museum honors British statesman, Winston Churchill. At the same location is the church St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury a Christopher Wren church relocated after having been partially destroyed in London during the Blitz of 1940-41.

Berlin Wall and “Breakthrough”: Mrs. Sandys, granddaughter of Winston Churchill, created the sculpture from sections of the Berlin Wall. The sculpture stands to the west of church St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury on the campus of Westminster College. It is the largest section of the Berlin Wall outside of Berlin, Germany. 

William Woods University

Missouri School for the Deaf: Founded in 1851, The Missouri School for the Deaf was established to educate the deaf children living in the state. The school has undergone many changes. Buildings have come and gone, but the history of the institution is preserved in the “Burney L. Fishback, Sr. Memorial Museum” housed in Kerr Hall on the campus located on East 5th Street.

Henry Bellamann’s “Kings Row”: Henry Bellamann (1882-1945) grew up in Fulton and was author of seven novels, one of which became a successful Hollywood movie, “Kings Row.” Ronald Reagan starred in the movie made from the book. The suit he wore is on display at the Callaway Chamber of Commerce, 510 Market Street in Fulton.

Helen Stephens “The Fulton Flash” (1918-1994): Helen, a farm girl from Callaway County, stunned the crowd in Berlin at the 1936 Olympics by running 100 meters in 11.5 seconds, setting a world’s record that wouldn’t be beaten for 24 years.

Morris Frederick Bell (1849-1929): Bell was well-known in the state of Missouri as an architect. Two of his earliest works remain a part of the city’s Brick District; the Palace Hotel and the Masonic Hall (a restaurant). In addition to his many buildings in the Fulton area, Bell designed a large number of homes, institutional buildings, colleges and businesses in the state. Several of his designed homes are seen along the historic districts of East 5th Street, West 7th Street, and Court Street.


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