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Callaway Tourism is delighted to help plan an itinerary just for your group. Below are some ideas for bus tours of Fulton and Callaway County. Contact us for more information or assistance.

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Receptive Tour and Planning Services are available through Warren M. Hollrah Tours and Enterprises. PO Box 50, Kingdom City, MO 65262-0050. 314-570-4355.

A Day in the Country I
A scenic trip through the rolling hills and beautiful river valley of Callaway County with visits to stunning natural areas starting with the 600 acre Prairie Garden Trust. Lunch will be a wine-pairing meal at Canterbury Hill a bluff-top winery and restaurant. This bus tour can have a nature, history or art focus as desired. For an art focus outdoor painting classes along the way or in a gallery setting. For younger guests the beautiful Katy Trail runs through Southern Callaway County offering hikers and bicyclists sweeping vistas across the river valley and views of Missouri River, bluffs and lowland forests. History buffs will be interested in the County’s Civil War heritage or the site of the French village of Cote Sans Dessein where our County began in 1808.

After lunch, a Scenic trip through the river bottoms with a step-on guide explaining the history of the area. This leg of the tour with travel from West to East along the beautiful river road, Highway 94, through historic and charming villages of Tebbets, Mokane, Steedman and Portland, with a visit to Cote Hill site of Cote San Dessein settlement. Plein air painting demonstration and optional painting class option provided by the artists of Art House.

At Portland, Tour will turn north returning to Fulton for an upscale dinner at Bek’s and an optional post-dinner class at the Art House before turning in for the night.

A Day in the Country II
This scenic trip through the rolling hills and beautiful river valley of Callaway county starts by heading North to visit to an Alpaca Farm. Guests will will view alpacas, demonstrations on dyeing, spinning and weaving alpaca fiber. Next, a visit to the Prairie Fork Conservation area. Lunch options include a catered picnic lunch at Prairie Fork Conservation Area; either an upscale European picnic by Beks, or country-style by Crane’s Store. Dining at Marlene’s Restaurant is also an option. Exploring Crane’s Museum & Shoppes after lunch will be a treat.

This bus tour can have a nature, history or art focus as desired. For an art focus outdoor painting classes are available along the way. A Step-on guide can expound on the County’s Civil War history including the Gray Ghosts Trail as well as Boonslick Trail markers at Williamsburg. Turning South, visitors can pass through Calwood and a visit to the site of the The Battle of Moore’s Mill. After lunch and the tour will Travel west for a visit to Tucker Prairie a restored prairie site. Dinner options include a sunset dinner (catered-in) at Serenity Valley Winery or dinner in Fulton’s Brick District.

Arts & Architecture

History buffs, there is so much to see and learn in our city.  Fulton is steeped in a rich historical heritage.
Churchill Museum, oldest building in North America
Tour of the church and museum, organ concert in 1600s church St Mary Aldermanbury, high tea in the museum.
Art Exhibit, Churchill’s paintings, National Watercolor Exhibit, Berlin Wall and “Breakthrough” sculpture.

Lunch at Fulton Country Club

William Woods
Equestrian demonstration of dressage

Tour of Callaway County Historical Society
Step-on guide pointing out historical landmarks along the way including historic Court Street and sites from the book King’s Row and architect Morris Frederick Bell buildings including the First Christian Church with options to stop and tour some of the buildings.

Art Class at Art House can be painting, drawing, jewelry making, ceramics. Classes can be designed for anything tour members are interested in learning.

Shopping in the Brick District

Dinner at Beks.

Dreaming of Chocolate

National Churchill Museum
Sweet Temptations demonstration, Tea in the museum
organ concert, tour

Lunch at Canterbury Hill, a bluff top winery and restaurant. Specially designed meal with wine pairings to accompany the lunch. Optional wine/Port pairing with chocolates.

To Sault’s Drug Store in the Brick District to experience a culinary demonstration by a chef using gourmet ingredients to craft chocolate inspired milk shakes, beverages and traditional favorites like the Brown Cow at the 1940s era soda fountain.

Class at the Art House. Guests will create chocolate inspired art of their choice perhaps a painting of chocolate confections. Chocolate fondue and other treats available.

Dinner at Bek’s

Options for another after hours class at Art House, including ceramics or jewelry making, fused glass with wine and beer available for purchase.

Victorian Christmas

National Churchill Museum
Tour of museum, art gallery and historic church, organ recital.

Holiday homes tour by Fulton Area Trust

Lunch at Fulton Country Club.

Class: handmade Christmas Ornaments at the Art House, traditional or contemporary designs guests will take finished ornaments with them.

Tea at historic Loganberry Inn

Horse drawn carriage rides through the historic Brick District

Caroling, hot chocolate

Dinner at Bek’s or other area restaurants. Bek’s can custom-design a traditional holiday meal for the guests.

Option for another after hours class at Art House including ceramics, jewelry making, fused glass or holiday ornaments with wine and beer available for purchase.

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