Visit Fulton and Getaway the CallaWAY!

A trip to Fulton and Callaway County, Missouri is the perfect getaway for visitors interested in history, architecture, outdoor adventures and small town surprises. Located halfway between St. Louis and Kansas, Fulton and Callaway County has been a respite for travelers since traders first traversed the Missouri River.

The county was founded in 1820. The county seat of Fulton is a delightful community located just 4 miles south of the interchange of Interstate 70 and US Highway 54. Its downtown Brick District features 57 buildings listed on the historic register. Elegant buildings, housing independent shops and restaurants, line shaded brick streets. The Brick District hosts festivals throughout the year.

Connect to history at the National Churchill Museum, which honors Winston Churchill who traveled with President Harry Truman to deliver his March 5, 1946 speech, “Sinews of Peace.” It became known as the “Iron Curtain Speech” and is considered a harbinger of the Cold War between the US and Soviet Union. The Church of St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury was moved from London to Fulton to house the most extensive Churchill collection in North America. Designed by Christopher Wren, St. Mary had stood in London since 1677, until it was hit by incendiary bomb on December 30, 1940. Stone masons, woodcarvers and artisans from around the world helped reconstruct the church between 1964 – 1969. The grounds feature the sculpture Breakthrough, which was carved from sections of the Berlin Wall by Churchill’s granddaughter, Edwina Sandys. President Ronald Reagan dedicated the sculpture, November 9, 1990, 44 years after Churchill had warned of the descending iron curtain. The site has been visited by numerous dignitaries, including Margaret Thatcher and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Marvel at the impressive collection of historic automobiles from every decade of the 20th century at Auto World Museum. Capture the significance of our local history at the Historical Society Museum. Pay your respects at the Missouri Firefighters Memorial  in Kingdom City. Smile at the offbeat collection found at Crane’s Museum and Crane’s Country Store in Williamsburg. Sample distinctive Missouri wines at Serenity Valley or Canterbury Hill.

Venture into the country where you will find Midwest plains to the north, rolling hills and bluffs of the Missouri River to the south. Missouri’s 220 mile Katy Trail runs along the Missouri River in southern Callaway. A popular bicycle trail, the section from Portland to Tebbetts in one of only two sections that allows horses. 

Be sure to unwind at our local accommodations as Margaret Thatcher once did at the historic Loganberry Inn, one of Missouri’s Top 10 Inns.

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